Saturday, June 6, 2009

Skin Care Routine ~

◗Skin : Combination~to~Oily skin
◗Tone: light bronze [it's SUMMER YaaY :P]

◗Weather: Extremely HOT [40'c yeaa -_-]


✗ Cleansing ➠ if i have makeup on i use the cleansing oil and then the foam if not i just use the cleaning foam :

- Almond Apple Cleansing Oil - L'OCCITANE, i started using this after i sow it on tianny's channel [she's great you must check her video's]

- Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam - L'OCCITANE [i have been using it for a year or even more that's why it looks horrible @.@]

✗ Toner ➠ my skin is really unbalanced some days it's a little dry and others it's oily ~.~ uhh so i use two toners depending my my skin's mood x,X

- Olive Water face toner - L'OCCITANE

- Premier, Luxury collection skin toner [for dry skin] - Dead sea premier.

✗ Moisturizing ➠ i use the cream @ night for heavy treatment and the serum [fluid] for all day long

- La mer cream

- Ultra-Matte Face Fluid ♥ - L'OCCITANE

✗ SUN-Care ☀

am still not comfortable with my current sunscreen [ it's heavy ] am using sisley's broad spectrum sunscreem (colorless, SPF40) i give it 6/10 [it's also creates a white layer over my skin] if you can recomand a good sunscreen, PLEASE Let me know ^.^

also i recently bought the SHISEIDO daily bronze, i need to use it for a while then i'll review it.

◆ Others ... i use
● skin food peach & sake mist all through day ♥,♥ it's GREAT and soo cooling.
also if am out and need to clean my face or refresh [specially if am traveling] i use;

● L'OCCITANE Cleansing water [for face, eyes,lips] it's really great and gentle. For scrubbing my fav. have to be

● L'OCCITANE- Honey&Lemon sweet sugar scrub. The smell is amazing and it works GREAT, leaving you skin smooth and soft [ i use it for my face and body]

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