Sunday, August 1, 2010

**My foundation Collection**

hii everyone :D
i've missed bloging T.T soo much, but the good thing is that i have tons of new things to share with u guys ,, soo many thing ^.^ anyway this is my foundation collection i just talked about some objects if u are interested in something that i didn't talk about plz let me know :)

this is my foundation collection and my rating for each one, if you tried any plz share your comment about it, alright let start with my BB'creams ...

from the left [skinfood aloe sun BB cream no.2, skinfood Mushroom BB cream no.2, Missha BB cream no.23, Missha BB. Boomer <-Primer] 
* My favorite one would be ~skinfood Mushroom BB cream no.2~

[prescriptive custom blend foundation<- for my summer tanned skin, laneige snow crystal foundation, Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect shade 71, Bobbi Brown oil free foundation]
* My favorite one would be ~Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect shade 7~

Dior Foundation Powders [Diorsnow + Diorskin forever] i can say that the both give similar finish except the Diorskin has very tiny shimmery effect on the other hand the Diorsnow is completely matte.
i usually prefere using the Diorskin for night and the Diorsnow for morning on top of my sun block as it have SPF 30, PA+++ it acts great to seal my sun'protection cream & also give a nice sheer cover. ♥

These two laura Mercier powders are sooo great, the one on the left is the secret brightening powder <- it works nice for sealing ur undereyes concealer. the one on the right is the translucent powder which is a nice, light finishing powder.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My GO TO [makeUp]

Missha BBcream [SPF 42 PA+++ no.23]
this is great specially that am having allergies now and my undereye and lips are sooo dry, it's the best thing so far.

La Roche-Posay [concealer pen-brush for olive skin] ♥

NUXE Émulsion Étincelante [gentle radiance emulsion]
This is for makeup sometime i even apply it above my makeup [incase i forget before :P]

DiorSkin Forever compact 040 [SPF 25 PA++]

MAC powder blush [coppertone]

MAC blushcreme [posey]

Urban Decay deluxe shadow in [ZERO]

Korres Shimmering eyeshadow in [Dark grey]
Gray is a great shade for brown eyes.

Lamer lipbalm ♥♥♥♥♥
YSL Rouge pure shine, sheer lipstick SPF15 [no.30]
i love this YSL lipstick specially that pink is soo in this season and the shade is baby pink with shimmer.

The body Shop liner brush [slanted]
The body Shop Foundation brush
i did NOT expect these brushs to be that good, they are sooo great, i have to say the best i used so far.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


hi everyone, i just wanted to show u what i recently purchased from inglot, the best thing about this brand is tht you can choose your palette and what colors you like, like for shadows there is a 4 colors palette and a 6 [i think >,<] any way the same thing for the concealers.
the shadows are amazing, i choose a natural set of colors for everyday use, they are really nice.

about the concealer it's creamy and glossy, i didn't feel comfortable using it as a concealer so am using it as a shadow primer it works great .. 

Monday, December 21, 2009

YSL obsession "Parisienne"

This is the newest YSL perfume, am addicted to Cinema [ just finished my 4th bottle ;) ]
but this is a bit more floral and it's great for winter,,

PARISIENNE, the fragrance of ultra femininity, ultra sensuality. A grand floral with a woody structure, luminous even in its mystery.

Blackberry - Damask Rose – Sandalwood

WARNING: NEVER spray this perfume on anything expect your skin, if u want to try it spray it on ur cleavage or arms directly, the perfume only works on ur skin and it smell amazingly amazing :P

+ Ingredients:

Friday, November 20, 2009

YesStyle Haul,,, and more :P

Hello Everyone :D
well this is another haul ^.^  i just received from YesStyle
and this is it,

kose gift
anna sui headband 
and finally,,, BeautyDiary mask, which i luving
 i wanted to try the CD snow collection so i found it great to purchase this gift box
only to find this written on the back of the box >,< WTF!!

and Laniege foundation-strawberry yogurt mask-sunblock 
this product is awesom, really amazing.. i find it perfect for winter.

skinfood b.b.creams - nail polish - rice mask

dermalogica mask & hand cream [ :P i just tried the mask is soo moisturizing] 

from the right [ sk-ii essence - kose whitening mask - missha b.b.boomer - missha eyeshadow]
the kose mask is just great but u will need to apply a big amount of it to be apple to peel it, yet works great, the missha b.b.boomer is great with missha b.b.cream it gives this great pink fresh undertone.

 this are other purchases >,<
from korres, i had to repurchase the guava body butter thnx to fuzkittie for recommending it, this is the first time am trying their makeup i bought [olive green eyepencil, gray shadow, coral blush] the blush color is really nice.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My NEW crush ~~BIO-OIL~~

hiiii everyone :D
i read alot about bio-oil, and i finally decided to give it a try...

i have been using it for a month now ... it's awsooooome and here is my observations:
+ smoother skin
+ improved my skin pigmentation
+ made my acne/pimples recover faster [and flakes away the black heads]
+ balanced my oily/combination skin

Usage: i use it once or twice daily 3-5 drops and i warm it between my hand and then massage it for around 3to5 minutes. 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

La Mer Lip balm ♥ ... sweet

 hii ^.^ i usually use the l'occitane shea butter lip balm and it's a delight but i wanted to try the la mer's
since i heard tons of good stuff about it specially from fuzkittie [luv her awesome blog] soo here is what i noticed :

- it taste's sweeeeet :P not overwhelming, but really light sweetness.
- it smells minty -> soo it's super refreshing.
- it texture is light.
- enhanced my lips color and texture.

My New BAG ... nor Marc neither Dooney :P

>.< finally i got a bag for work ,, it's really roomy and comfortable and Super.Chic :P it's a leather patterned by celine. i luv it :D let me know wht u think ???