Sunday, August 1, 2010

**My foundation Collection**

hii everyone :D
i've missed bloging T.T soo much, but the good thing is that i have tons of new things to share with u guys ,, soo many thing ^.^ anyway this is my foundation collection i just talked about some objects if u are interested in something that i didn't talk about plz let me know :)

this is my foundation collection and my rating for each one, if you tried any plz share your comment about it, alright let start with my BB'creams ...

from the left [skinfood aloe sun BB cream no.2, skinfood Mushroom BB cream no.2, Missha BB cream no.23, Missha BB. Boomer <-Primer] 
* My favorite one would be ~skinfood Mushroom BB cream no.2~

[prescriptive custom blend foundation<- for my summer tanned skin, laneige snow crystal foundation, Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect shade 71, Bobbi Brown oil free foundation]
* My favorite one would be ~Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect shade 7~

Dior Foundation Powders [Diorsnow + Diorskin forever] i can say that the both give similar finish except the Diorskin has very tiny shimmery effect on the other hand the Diorsnow is completely matte.
i usually prefere using the Diorskin for night and the Diorsnow for morning on top of my sun block as it have SPF 30, PA+++ it acts great to seal my sun'protection cream & also give a nice sheer cover. ♥

These two laura Mercier powders are sooo great, the one on the left is the secret brightening powder <- it works nice for sealing ur undereyes concealer. the one on the right is the translucent powder which is a nice, light finishing powder.


  1. Ooh I always hear good things about the Laura Mercier powders :]

  2. wow huge collection you have there.. nice!!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog! :) Wow, you have a nice collection of BB creams... hehe~ I'm pretty new to BB creams, but I love them! :)

  4. Nice products u have!! Nice blog.. visit mine too~~ :)


  5. my foundation collection is probably as crazy too! But I love bb creams, I c that you have a couple of them. BB CREAMS FTW!

  6. love it!!!
    this style is super....=D
    you´re great

  7. wow good collection !!

    i want to buy a bb cream but I don't know which to choose, there have so choices!! xD

    nice blog <3

  8. I have the skinfood aloe bb cream, I feel like i wanna get the mushroom one next!

  9. I've used the Dior powders and they"re worth it!

  10. wow you have quite an awesome collection!


  11. lovely blog!
    such a perfect style!!! =D

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