Friday, November 20, 2009

YesStyle Haul,,, and more :P

Hello Everyone :D
well this is another haul ^.^  i just received from YesStyle
and this is it,

kose gift
anna sui headband 
and finally,,, BeautyDiary mask, which i luving
 i wanted to try the CD snow collection so i found it great to purchase this gift box
only to find this written on the back of the box >,< WTF!!

and Laniege foundation-strawberry yogurt mask-sunblock 
this product is awesom, really amazing.. i find it perfect for winter.

skinfood b.b.creams - nail polish - rice mask

dermalogica mask & hand cream [ :P i just tried the mask is soo moisturizing] 

from the right [ sk-ii essence - kose whitening mask - missha b.b.boomer - missha eyeshadow]
the kose mask is just great but u will need to apply a big amount of it to be apple to peel it, yet works great, the missha b.b.boomer is great with missha b.b.cream it gives this great pink fresh undertone.

 this are other purchases >,<
from korres, i had to repurchase the guava body butter thnx to fuzkittie for recommending it, this is the first time am trying their makeup i bought [olive green eyepencil, gray shadow, coral blush] the blush color is really nice.


  1. brilliant haul sarah! everything looks really good.

    i'm going through a sheet mask phase. so far i have tried a japanese brand (which was unknown for so long till today i find out it's a kanebo brand), kose, etude house and my beauty diary.

    etude house's aqua sherbert was brilliant on my skin and the kose and kanebo ones. the my beauty diary one i tried really dried me out but it turns out it wasn't for my skin type.
    I've done a haul via. sasa for some more.

    also, i'm loving the face shop's bb creams. :)

  2. i found that skinfood bb creams made me break out. =[
    but can you review the sk-ii essence? I was thinking about buying that.

  3. Nice haul! Most of the things you got I am thinking of buying too hehe

  4. my beauty diary, its cheaper in SG. ard usd 12/ box. if u need i can help :)

  5. hello Sarah, i found your blog when i see you are one of my followers. how did you find my blog? :)

    And i can say the things in this post, are all in my to-buy list! You are really lucky, and your blog is really interesting. Following you!

  6. Herbie: ohh thnx, am loving the masks, how cheaper?

    Beverly: i was just searching other blogs :D and reading reviews. and am glad u liked it, if u need any specific product review let me know :P

  7. Nice haul! But that's so messed up. So they sold you something that was NOT FOR SALE? Lol, wow. I think you should write them! But nice entry once again, let us know how all of the products work out for you :)

  8. Wow nice haul! A lot of these products are the same ones I'd love to try.. Anna Sui, Laneige, SK-II to name a few! You and I have similar taste :) Looking forward to your reviews on these productcs. I've subscribed to your blog :D xx

  9. I have tried Laniege water pack and strawberry mask.
    and they irritated my skin(i have a very sensitive skin).
    what a waste!

    by the way, i don't have a blogspot blog but i have a wordpress blog.
    can i follow ur blog via wordpress?

    my blog:

  10. Hey! I have skin food's mushroom bb cream and the rice mask and love love LOVE them. Hope you enjoy them just as much :)

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