Sunday, September 6, 2009

`` FOOT care ``

your foot is a very sacred thing, and you should really take good care for them.
they carry you all day long so they deserve a daily caring regime.

- WASH your foot daily [either just with water or with soap too]
- Make sure to DRY your feet afterword.
- If you are outdoors wearing sandals [or any open shoe] make sure to have some WET TOWELS, they help aloooooot when you feel like your feet dry/dirty it's really refreshing.
- Always wear socks [specially at home].

~Before BED~
- Wash.
- Dry.
- Moisturize.
- Don't wear sock [ur foot need to breath]

about twice or at least once a week you should soak ur foot and scrub, you can also use a mask.

The Perfection Soak;
✖ Warm Water
✖ Sea Salt
✖ Olive Oil, just few drops
✖ Showergel, choose the scent you prefer but if ur foot are really dirty i would recommended something more sterilizating like Dettol shower GEL [ or any anti-bacterial one ]

☞ soak
ur legs for about 10 -> 15 min. and then scrub it with ur fav. body scrub and a brush then let it soak for another 2-5 min, rinse with clear water and dry it v.well after moisturize it [i usually use vaseline] and wear soaks ^.^ yaaay DONE...


By applying pressure to these reflex points on ur foot u will be able to stimulate the activity of ur internal organs as well as improve both the circulation of blood and lymph’s around the body.

[click for a bigger image] this helps you to find and understand which area is responsible for which organ and then apply some pressure, you can also use some olive oil just make sure to wear thick soaks so you don't slip >,<

after few weeks you will feel your feet is breathing and more moisturized, make sure to keep on treating them well ^.^

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