Saturday, September 26, 2009

Massive Collective Haul :D ,,,

 Friends ... ^.^ this is a Reaally huge haul i hope u enjoy it .. if you tried any of this products PLZ let me know !!! 

 Victoria's Secret - NOIR

CHANEL - Miami Beach

CHANEL - Skin Care [matte fluid + Sun protection]

L'OCCITANE - green tea soap + hair Conditioner + SAMPLES :D
ahh i luv the body cream [its really amazing]

Yves Saint Lauren [TEMPS ♥ MAJEUR mask] - La Prairie [Cellular energizing body spray] 

La Prairie [light fantastic cellular concealing/brightening eye treatment] and a sample of the marine biology collection it contain [eye gel/tonic/morning & evening serum]

as soon as i finished the sample i directly purchased the toner it's awesome and soooo refreshing it claims to [ Revitalizes / brightens / oxygenates ]
i feel like my skin is actually breathing afterward ... 

This tonic consists of different layers: 

 +Blue Water Phase

  • Brightens and evens skin tone while enhancing skin's energy and vitality

  • Helps stimulate collagen synthesis, firms and improves elasticity

  • Soothes irritation and inhibits the appearance of redness and inflammation

+Golden Oil Phase

  • Contains de-aging anti-oxidants for advanced protection against free radicals

  • Natural oils revitalize skin

+Clear Oxygen Phase

  • Infuses oxygen into the skin with each use to enhance the complexion


Benefits - hollywood glow, mr.frosty, Bad gal liner/ mascara
Mr.frosty & Bad Gal Pencil ]Swatches[

CHANEL eye color
YaaaaaaaaaaaaY SAMPLES :D
i also got this SUPER CUTE KeyChain as a gift ^.^

This isn't included with the haul but this is my Fav. MAC lipstick it's in [Lady BUG]

... -.- it's just been through some horrible accidents 


  1. WOW thats an incredible Haul!! But all worth it right? lol and that poor lipstick >.<

  2. wow, loves it!
    the la prairie pen looks brilliant!
    As do the Chanel GWPs. I've never managed to catch any of the GWPs but I've heard they're like the best and now I can see they are. Such a cute charm!!

  3. wow!
    nice haul!
    i haven't tried L'occitane yet, but it's already on my 'products-to-try' list
    will be waiting for your review,hun

    your lips look sexy..
    but poor lippy

  4. wow did you get a full size lipgloss as a sample!?!
    i love your blog-sooo incredibly cute
    im so now following you :) :) :)

  5. Stacieee: well.. i guess it is :P

    Su-pah: yea am luving the la prairie pen i'll review it sooon and u should really try the Chanel Gloss it's really great.

    Thaimere: hey :D if u want a certain product detailed review plz let me know :D

    Jordy: it's a mini package not full size :P but it's really enough to know it's a great gloss

  6. Wowwwwwww~~ You sure do a lot of haul-ing at once! I love it when they give you heaps of samples! And that phone charm is ADORABLE~!!!

    And I feel really sorry for that MAC lipstick, but it looks GREAT on you =D