Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WhtZzz in my BAG?! come and have a look o,o

am currently and for about the past 4 months -.- been using my dolce&gabbana bag [i luv it soooo much, it's sooo comfy, and goes with everything] in my bag u'll find:
-another smaller bag :P 
-emergency manicure bag [it's really soo cute.. i luv it]
-my ferragamo wallet ♥...
-sunglass [marc jacobs]
-small perfume [chanel-mademoiselle] ahh it's really great 
-a book [life of pi] really an interesting read
-mobile [samsung JET]

it's mostly lip products :P from left:
- l'occitane honey hand cream
- Revlon nude lipstick
- pixi lip stain [nice if u like a more natural look]
- pixi lip gloss
- l'occitane cherry gloss
- kiehls lip balm no.1 [i really hate it, but am trying to finish it soo :P]
- Roc lip balm with 20 SPF [a must every morning]
- Bobbi brown cremeBLUSH 
- a bird Mirror
- YSL lip gloss 
- Dior Show mascara [sample]
- Bobbie brown lip pencil
- Bourjois lipstick, my latest addictions :>
here's some swatches...
from the top [pixi gloss, pixi stain, YSL, bourjois, revlon... and the two on the side are from the left l'occitane gloss, bobbi brown lip pencil]

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  1. the bourjous lipstick looks so pretty!!! i haven't tried their lip product before, so will have to add it to my wishlist :)

    thanks for the lovely swatches